Landscape reclamation and ecosystem services

Landscape reclamation and ecosystem services is focused on the education of experts capable of independent research and application of results in practice in the study of landscape, its ecosystems and provided ecosystem services, especially in terms of human impact and climate change. Environmental links, landscape changes, ecosystem functions will be studied, different types of remediation, revitalization, reclamation and sustainable management in the landscape, including their economic context, will be addressed. In addition to north-west Bohemia and its environmental problems, the primary region of interest of UJEP in Ústí nad Labem, the area of interest will be global from tropics up to the polar areas and concerning many different types of ecosystems. The study program is strongly interdisciplinary in order to link the environmental sciences with economic and technical approaches.

DSP graduates will gain broad transdisciplinary knowledge and competencies for assessing the state of the landscape and for solving problems of restoration of the disturbed landscape and ecosystem services. They will understand it from the perspective of environmental protection as well as from an economic perspective, including reflection of the regulatory environment. Graduates will be prepared to systematically evaluate ecosystem services in the landscape, especially on the basis of understanding important ecosystem processes. They will also able to evaluate the various ecosystem functions of the landscape in relation to key economic activities, assess the links between the state of the environment, ecosystems and human activities. Graduates will be able to implement independent basic and applied research, prepare and lead research projects and propose system measures and comprehensive arrangements to increase biodiversity and ecological stability of the disturbed cultural landscape and verify implemented solutions, including evaluation of their economic and social impacts.

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