Centre for Nature Scientific Studies


Head of the Centre
Kateřina Marková, Ph.D., Jakub Vosátka, Ph.D.

Members of the Centre
Jan Benda, Michal Holec, PhD., Diana Holcová, Ph.D., Miloslav Kolenatý, Vít Koutecký, Nela Kubová, Ph.D., Jiří Lehejček, Ph.D., Iva Machová, Ph.D., Jiří Moravec, Ph.D., Martin Neruda, Ph.D., Richard Pokorný, Ph.D., Josef Seják, CSc., Petr Vráblík, Ph.D., Eliška Wildová, Johana Zacharová Ph.D.

Specialized laboratories
PedoLab – Pedological Laboratory of the Department of the Environment (CPTO building)
Laboratory of Applied Ecology (CPTO)
GePaLab – Geological/Paleontological Laboratory (CPTO)

With respect to the growing need of applied research and contractual collaboration with the public sector and private enterprises, the Department of the Environment put together a portfolio of “professional skills” of all herein employed academic workers, summarizing the range of activities, knowledge and technologies available for those interested. These skills could be organizationally unified under the newly established unit called the “Centre for Nature Scientific Studies”. Besides the notified collaboration with the public and private realms, the Centre will aspire to reach for practically orientated projects, such as those supported by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, innovation vouchers etc.

Offer of services and professional skills in areas:

Ecology, botany, zoology
Johana Zacharová, Ph.D., Diana Holcová, Ph.D., Iva Machová, Ph.D., Michal Holec, Ph.D.
inventory surveys in the fields of botany (higher plants) and zoology (invertebrates and vertebrates) – to be used for management plans for small-scale protected areas, state administration, EIA…
evaluation of areal impact and condition based on bioindication methods
specific proposals for areal management and measures to promote biodiversity and ecological functions in landscape
analysis of landscape changes based on historical materials

Nela Kubová, Ph.D.
analysis of benthos

Jiří Lehejček, Ph.D.
dendrochronology (dating based on tree-ring analysis of wood)

Eliška Wildová
field sampling (plants and soils) and sample preparation for chemical analyses
elemental analysis using ICP-OES

Geology, pedology, hydrology
Richard Pokorný, Ph.D., Vít Koutecký
geological inventory surveys – to be used for management plans for small-scale protected areas, state administration, EIA…
localization and exploration of old/abandoned mine workings – to be used in the preparation of land-use plans, risk analyses…
paleontological investigations
analyses of areas in relation to montane tourism, inanimate nature protection, geoheritage
administration and cataloguization of geological collections – to be used by primary and secondary schools
counselling and providing access to laboratory analytical methods of geological and environmental exploration (choice of the most appropriate method and rendering analyses by subcontracting accredited laboratories)
xylotomy, processing of fossil wood samples

Petr Vráblík, Ph.D.
analysis of soil resources including the analyses of evaluated soil ecological units, prices of land, susceptibility to erosion
counselling in the area of complex landscaping

Martin Neruda, Ph.D.
small stream restoration
proposals for fish crossings

Environmental economy
Josef Seják, CSc., Jakub Vosátka, Ph.D.
evaluation of economic impacts of various environmental protection measures on the public and private realms
analyses of costs of environmental protection measures, cost and profit assessment…
evaluation of the effectiveness of environmental protection measures
evaluation of investments in environmental protection
assessment of the impact of environmental costs on investment costs
study of relationships between functioning of human society systems and ecological systems of nature

Jiří Moravec, Ph.D.
evaluation of the impacts of cross-compliance conditions and agro-environmental funding in the Common agricultural policy of EU
identification and evaluation of ecosystem services and acknowledgment of the values of nature (selected natural biotopes, woody plants, urban green/blue infrastructures etc.)
social and economic aspects of environmental problems, evaluation of political measures, grant and funding policies in the area of nature protection

Social aspects of environmental issues
Kateřina Marková, Ph.D., Miloslav Kolenatý
programme of environmental education and awareness – for primary schools, secondary schools and the public

Petr Vráblík, Ph.D.
analysis of brownfields
socio-economic area and the function of land in promoting entrepreneur activities, job opportunities and maintenance of the quality of life in the area