Department of Environment (DE)

Ing. Eliška WildováSecretary of the Department of Environment (DOE)
Office: CPTO -1.09, Phone: +420 475 28 4141, +420 602 272 147

Academic staff of the Department of Environment, in collaboration with many other organizations, conducts education and research, especially in the area of environmental compartments. The Department guarantees program Ecology and Environmental Protection with a B.Sc. specialization Environmental Protection, M.Sc. specialization Revitalization of Landscape, and Ph.D. specialization Environmental Analytical Chemistry (accreditation to be terminated).

Academics of the Department of Environment also participate in teaching subjects in newly accredited study programmes: a B.Sc. programme bearing the same name as its predecessor – Environmental Protection with two specializations (Nature and Landscape Conservation and Environmental Technology), B.Sc. programme Applied Geoinformatics, M.Sc. programme Technologies for Environmental Protection, and Ph.D. programme Environmental Chemistry and Technology.

A review of the subjects in the curricula is accessible for potential students through the portal IS STAG, but also in the section “Courses to be taken” on the website of the Department of Environment.

Members of the Department contribute to a number of multidisciplinary topics with their scientific and research work. These include, among others, the problem of anthropogenic load on the landscape (load on soil resources, solution of the problem of stream restoration, problem of flora and fauna protection), a special attention is given to the problem of land reclamation following lignite mining. Attention is also given to the analysis of landscape changes based on historical materials (study of the so-called agricultural mounds and similar forms in the landscape), inventory surveys in the fields of zoology, botany, geology and paleontology, dendrochronology, analyses of areas in relation to montane tourism, inanimate nature protection and geoheritage, analyses of soil resources including analyses of evaluated soil ecological units, assessment of economic impacts of environmental protection measures etc.

Besides regionally focused themes, the Department of Environment also strives for international acknowledgment of its scientific activities through paleoecological and paleontological research in cold regions. The Institute Julius von Payer for Subarctic and Arctic Research was established for this purpose, bringing together specialists from the whole of Jan Evangelista Purkyně University with professional relation to these biotopes.

Contracted and applied research in the Department is mediated by the Centre for Nature Scientific Studies, summarizing the portfolio of “professional skills” of all Department-based academic workers, which can be provided to the public as well as private sectors.