Department of Environmental Chemistry and Technology (DECT)

Jiří Orava, Ph.D.
Head of Department of Environmental Chemistry and Technology (DECT)
Office:  CPTO 5.19
Phone: +420 475 284 178

Pavel Krystyník, Ph.D.
Vice-head of Department of Environmental Chemistry and Technology (DECT)
Office: CPTO 5.04
Phone: +420 475 28 4153

Jana Zajíčková
Personal Assistant/Secretary
Office: CPTO 5.18
Phone:: +420 475 284 177

The Department of Environmental Chemistry and Technology is one of the three departments of the Faculty of the Environment. The department provides teaching of technical subjects within three-year bachelor’s programs. The Department primarily provides teaching of the new master’s study program – Technology for Environmental Protection and participates in the teaching of the joint study program of the Faculty of the Environment and the Faculty of Science – Analytical Chemistry of the Environment and Toxicology. The department also provides teaching in the only doctoral program of the faculty – Environmental Chemistry and Technology in cooperation with the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry of the Czech Academy of Science.

In the field of research, the department is an important partner in the field of international and domestic projects. The research is carried out in the department’s own laboratories and also in the research centers of our faculty – the Center for Advanced Organic Analysis (Cadoran) and the Center for Advanced Separation Techniques (CPST). The laboratory background of our workplace is at a high level in terms of equipment and personnel, thanks to cooperation with important experts in their field.

The department currently uses new laboratories and offices in the building of the Center for Scientific and Technical Fields, where the required demands for quality and professionalism of the required analyzes can be met.