PhD Study

Basic infor­mati­on

In 2019, the facul­ty was accre­di­ted for the PhD stu­dy pro­gra­m­me Envi­ron­men­tal Che­mis­t­ry and Tech­no­lo­gy with a stan­dard len­gth of stu­dy of 4 years. The stu­dy pro­gram is carried out in coo­pe­rati­on with the Insti­tu­te of Inor­ga­nic Che­mis­t­ry of Czech Aca­de­my of Sciences, simi­lar­ly to the pre­vi­ous­ly per­for­med field of Envi­ron­men­tal Ana­ly­ti­cal Che­mis­t­ry. The tra­i­ning pla­ces for doc­to­ral stu­dents are the Facul­ty of Envi­ron­ment of UJEP or the Insti­tu­te of Inor­ga­nic Che­mis­t­ry in Řež. Tea­ching is also atten­ded by the Facul­ty of Science of UJEP and a num­ber of experts from other uni­ver­si­ties and insti­tu­tes of Czech Aca­de­my of Sciences. Stu­dents are admit­ted to stu­dy at the Facul­ty of Envi­ron­ment of UJEP, the stu­dy is gover­ned by inter­nal regu­lati­ons of the Uni­ver­si­ty.

The Envi­ron­men­tal Che­mis­t­ry and Tech­no­lo­gy stu­dy pro­gram con­sists of two spe­ci­a­li­zati­ons:

  • Envi­ron­men­tal ana­ly­ti­cal che­mis­t­ry
  • Advan­ced tech­no­lo­gies for envi­ron­men­tal pro­tecti­on

The con­tent of the stu­dy in the first spe­ci­a­li­zati­on is very clo­se to the con­tent of the stu­dy in the pre­vi­ous pro­gra­m­me of the same name. The stu­dy is aimed at dee­pe­ning the knowled­ge of ana­ly­ti­cal che­mis­t­ry, modern ana­ly­ti­cal methods and sol­ving selec­ted pro­blems of envi­ron­men­tal che­mis­t­ry using methods of ana­ly­ti­cal che­mis­t­ry.
Advan­ced Envi­ron­men­tal Tech­no­lo­gy focuses on the use of advan­ced oxi­dati­on pro­ces­ses, pho­to­ca­ta­ly­sis, spe­cial and reacti­ve sor­bents, and selec­ted bio­tech­no­lo­gi­cal pro­ces­ses such as phy­to­re­me­di­ati­on.
The stu­dy is carried out accor­ding to indi­vi­du­al stu­dy plans, which are cre­a­ted accor­ding to estab­lished rules so that they inclu­de a cer­ta­in pro­por­ti­on of the­o­re­ti­cal sub­jects and pro­fi­ling sub­jects.
In addi­ti­on to veri­fy­ing the knowled­ge of ana­ly­ti­cal che­mis­t­ry, envi­ron­men­tal che­mis­t­ry and lan­gu­age skills, the inter­view inclu­des a pro­fes­si­o­nal dis­cus­si­on of the possi­ble focus of the doc­to­ral dis­ser­tati­on. More infor­mati­on about doc­to­ral stu­dies can be obta­i­ned at e ‑ mail .