Open Call for Doctoral Student and Staff Teaching Mobilities Erasmus + Credit to Lebanon

Selection criteria for doctoral student:

  • A clear idea of the purpose of the stay (please include a short written motivation letter, about 1/2 page long, no required template/form)
  • Foreign language ability of the doctoral student (English min. level B2)
  • Good academic standing of the student
  • Relevance of student´s dissertation to the stay
  • Previous experience in a third world country of advantage, but not a condition

Selection criteria for teaching staff:

  1. A clear concept of the program and goals of the academic stay (please include the written concept to the application, one page A4 max, no required template/form)
  2. Contribution of the mobility to the development of the foreign university and country (pedagogical, science & research)
  3. Language ability of the academic associate (English min. level B2, some French and/or Arabic of advantage)
  4. Previous experience in problematic territories and difficult terrains of advantage
  5. Publications dealing with the above-mentioned region of advantage, though not a condition

This time the FZP has applied and received a grant for the following stays in Lebanon –

  • One stay for a doctoral student for a time period of 5 months (1 study semester)
  • Three short-term stays for teaching staff:

One stay for 5 days + 2 days travel (7 days in total), one stay for 28 days + 2 days travel  (30 days in total) and one stay for 28 days+ 2 days of travel (30 days in total)

Partner university: LIU Beirut.

Note: Other countries or universities are not covered by this grant. The earlier grants for South Africa and Iran are no more available.  Erasmus stays to Europe and Turkey are organised through a different administrative procedure.

In case of your interest, please submit your application, together with an English-written concept, to this open selection call by February 27, 2023, to the e-mail address , and provide information about the planned mobility, incl. planned mobility program. Your applications will be forwarded to the selection committee. An application into the call can be submitted by all academic associates of the FZP UJEP.  The selection meeting will take place on February 28, 10 AM, room -1.25 CPTO Bldg., in case of adverse conditions virtually in the same time.

More information and documentation required pls see the UJEP website .

Note: The applicant/beneficiary of the grant has to find out by himself/herself the current information about COVID-19, or other diseases in the country and school, and information about conditions, restrictions, quarantine measures, obligatory testing, vaccination and health risks. The applicant also needs to consider by himself/herself the security risks.  The 5-month doctoral stay is expected to take place in the academic year 2023-2024 and in the winter semester of the academic year 2024-2025. The teaching staff stay should  be carried out until November 2024.

The results of the open call will be advised within three weeks after the application deadline to all applicants.

Jiri Moravec, Ph.D.

Faculty of Environment, UJEP