Expanding International Cooperation

Mgr. Jana Müllerová, PhD., a member of the Department of Geoinformatics at Faculty of Environment, Jan Evangelist Purkyne University, is currently a guest professor at the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB) in Mallorca. Specifically, she has been invited to the interdisciplinary units: Natural Hazards and Emergencies Observatory of the Balearic Islands (RiscBal) and Institute of Agro-Environmental & Water Economy Research (INAGEA), which engage in applied environmental research. Both of these recently established institutions, in collaboration with local authorities, focus on natural hazards and extraordinary events, bringing together geography, biology, agronomy, and engineering disciplines, while also providing technology transfer and communication with the private sector and government. Their main goal is to integrate scientific knowledge into decision-making and management of extraordinary events related to natural hazards in the Balearic Islands.

During her month-long stay at the University, Dr. Müllerová is involved in preparing joint scientific publications, working with doctoral students, and has also joined the long-term research of the RiscBal center, bridging hydrology and geomorphology, remote sensing, and plant physiology. She is exploring the possibilities of vegetation recovery after the fire in 2014 using drone imagery. Dr. Müllerová has been collaborating with colleagues from Mallorca (Dr. Xurxo Gago and Dr. Joan Estrany, heads of the Geographic Section of UIB) for an extended period. Their collaboration began within the framework of the joint European COST action HARMONIOUS – UAS for Environmental Monitoring, where Jana led a group focusing on the applications of unmanned aerial vehicles for the study of natural vegetation. Together, they have published several scientific articles and, this spring, a chapter on vegetation study using drones, which is part of the monograph “Unmanned Aerial Systems for Environmental Monitoring,” published within the mentioned COST action. Currently, they are preparing further joint outputs during this stay.