The second round of student admissions

On Thursday, September 21st, and Friday, September 22nd, the second round of admissions for the upcoming academic year took place at our faculty. Students joined the first group, which registered at the end of August. We can already announce that for our “freshmen,” we are preparing an opportunity to get to know each other across fields and to receive basic information about our faculty and studying here. For this purpose, there will be an orientation course held in the second week of classes.

The faculty is admitting students for the first time into the fields of Environmental Geoinformatics, which is a newly accredited follow-up study program primarily designed for graduates of the Applied Geoinformatics bachelor’s program. However, graduates with a Bachelor’s degree in information technology from other faculties will also find opportunities in it. Additionally, students were admitted into the field of Landscape Restoration, which responds to the latest trends in the field of revitalization and reclamation tools. In this academic year, FŽP also oversees the program in Analytical Chemistry of the Environment and Toxicology, carried out in collaboration with the Faculty of Science. We believe that the new graduates will reflect the quality of the newly opened study programs. We wish the all the new and current students best of luck during their studies at our Faculty.